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Journal of Egyptian History: Preface

Author: Thomas Schneider

pp.: 1–2 (2)



Author: Schafik Allam

pp.: 3–19 (17)


Research Article

Zur Reflexion Ptolemäischer Geschichte In Den ägyptischen Tempeln Aus Der Zeit Ptolemaios IX. Philometor II./Soter II. Und Ptolemaios X. Alexander I. (116-80 V. CHR.): Teil 1: Die Bau- Und Dekorationstätigkeit


Author: Silke Caßor-Pfeiffer

pp.: 21–77 (57)



Author: Kathlyn M. Cooney

pp.: 79–115 (37)



Author: Leo Depuydt

pp.: 117–138 (22)




Author: Andrea M. Gnirs

pp.: 207–208 (2)



Author: Gerard P.F. Broekman

pp.: 209–234 (26)



Author: Silke Caßor-Pfeiffer

pp.: 235–265 (31)



Author: Detlef Franke

pp.: 267–287 (21)



Author: Eve Guerry

pp.: 289–308 (20)



Author: Tomasz Markiewicz

pp.: 309–330 (22)



Author: Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

pp.: 331–362 (32)


Notes for Contributors

pp.: 363–368 (6)



Research Article

The Buhen Horse: Fifty Years after Its Discovery (1958–2008)

Authors: Peter Raulwing and Juliet Clutton-Brock

pp.: 1–106 (106)





Teaching Egyptian History: Some Discipline-Specific Pedagogical Notes


Research Article


Author: Thomas Schneider

pp.: 1–5 (5)


Research Article
Egyptologists’ Fallacies: Fallacies Arising from Limited Evidence

Author: John Gee

pp.: 137–158 (22)





Research Article

Le Traité égypto-hittite de paix et d’alliance entre les rois Ramsès II et Khattouchili III (d’après l’inscription hiéroglyphique au temple de Karnak)*

Author: Schafik Allam

pp.: 1–39 (39)





Egyptologists, Nazism and Racial “Science”

Author: Edmund S. Meltzer

pp.: 1–11 (11)


Index of Names

pp.: 286–296 (11)



Research Article

Figurative Expressions Referring to Animals in Royal Inscriptions of the 18th Dynasty*

Author: Shih-Wei Hsu

pp.: 1–18 (18)


Research Article
Ship Timber and the Reuse of Wood in Ancient Egypt*

Author: Pearce Paul Creasman

pp.: 152–176 (25)


Controversies about Chronology
  • pp.: 217–218 (2)




Research Article

Patronage and Other Logics of Social Organization in Ancient Egypt during the IIIrd Millennium bce

Author: Marcelo Campagno

pp.: 1–33 (33)


Research Article

Egyptian Fiscal History in a World of Warring States, 664–30 bce

Author: Andrew Monson

pp.: 1–36 (36)


Research Article
Death in the Temple of Ptah: The Roman Conquest of Egypt and Conflict at Memphis

Author: Nenad Marković

pp.: 37–48 (12)


Research Article


Research Article

The Tepi Shemu Feast: A Tool for Testing Chronologies of Dynasty 21 to 25?

Author: Rita Gautschy

pp.: 81–114 (34)


Research Article



Research Article

Evidence for Administration of the Nubian Fortresses in the Late Middle Kingdom: The Semna Dispatches

Authors: Bryan Kraemer and Kate Liszka

pp.: 1–65 (65)


Research Article
Neshor at Elephantine in Late Saite Egypt

Author: Hussein Bassir

pp.: 66–95 (30)


Research Article

The Sixth Heracleopolitan King Merikare Khety

Author: Arkadiy Demidchik

pp.: 97–120 (24)