1.- Only original papers related, whether directly or indirectly, to egyptology topics will be considered for publication. The aim of the contributions will be mainly investigation; however, works which provide an updated view of a topic will be accepted.

2.-Papers not written in English should start with an ABSTRACT in the original language followed by another in English (10-15 lines). After the abstract, the KEY WORDS should be included in both languages. Potential contributors are advised to seek native English speaker guidance.

3.-BAEDE accepts standard academic systems of transliteration; transliterations are not in general edited to a house style.

4.-Footnote numbers should be placed above the line (superscript) after punctuation, without brackets.

5.- Bibliographical references should be quoted at the end of the work with the following format for both, book and paper:

FAULKNER, R.O., 1978. The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts, Warminster.

WINLOCK, H.E., 1975. “The Tomb of Queen Meryetamun”. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, vol.32, 77-89, New York.

Web-sites should be referenced by the particular web-page followed by a date of consultation

6.- Bibliographical references quoted as footnotes should include only author name, year and page, with the following format:

FAULKNER (1978: 45).

7.- Photographic images and line art will be limited optionally by the editors, always taking into consideration the indications of the author. They should be submitted in TIF or JPG formats and included at the end of the paper.

8.- Illustration captions should be included in a separated document, indicating origin of the same and permission if necessary.

9.- Every contribution received will be reviewed for acceptance by the Scientific Committee. For accepted papers, the Committee may send to the author suggestions for improvement to be implemented.

10.- The Asociación Española de Egiptología will keep the publication rights for all published papers, without assuming any responsibility over the opinions expressed by the author, including legal responsibilities due to plagiarism.

11.- Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word. For papers with illustrations, the author may send a PDF including text and images to help in the final edition.

12.- If the text employs non-standard fonts (e.g. hieroglyphs, Greek, Coptic, etc.), these should be supplied electronically with the text. The necessity of them should be previously discussed with the editor.

13.- BAEDE publishes contributions in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

14.- All papers should be submitted to AEDE e-mail:, with a deadline on December 20th of present year.

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