Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum (EEF) ha recopilado un listado de las diversas publicaciones que se encuentran disponibles en la red., Os invitamos a bucear en ella porque, estamos seguros, encontraréis cosas interesantes:


Online AE Text Resources: guide to online resources for ‘famous’ ancient Egyptian texts.


E-journals and Digitized Journals: an overview of journals (relevant to Egyptology) that can be downloaded for free.


Three publications that are available online or partly digitized, hosted by the EEF website:

The Egyptian Museum (Cairo) Newsletter (online issues)


The Ministry of Antiquities (Egypt) Newsletter (online issues)


The Heritage of Egypt Magazine (online issues)


Digitized Collections of Ancient Egyptian Source Texts: list of volumes (available online) that collect translations and/or drawings of (multiple) ancient Egyptian texts.


Digitized Egyptological Book Series: list of some book series that are online.


Online CG Volumes: the online issues of the Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire.


Online Urk Volumes:  the online issues of the important Urkunden des aegyptischen Altertums.


Online Video and Audio Files: media files dealing with both Egyptology and Egyptomania.



Classical Authors on ancient Egypt (online resources)




EMINA, Egyptian Mummies in North America, a searchable database, by SJ Wolfe & John Stoffel, hosted by the EEF website.



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