Current Research in Egyptology 2017. Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Symposium. University of Naples, “L’Orientale” 3–6 May 2017


Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Aba Island – Sudan Ahmed Hussein Abdelrahman Adam

Livelihood activities and food tradition in Kushite Nubia Marco Baldi

The Valley of the Queens: some preliminary remarks on the social identity of the 18th-dynasty tomb owners Emanuele Casini

Current and past research between Tebtynis and Padua: from sand to aerospace Giulia Deotto, Ian Begg, Alessandra Menegazzi, Carlo Urbani, Andrea Meleri, Luca Toninello, Luigi Magnini, Laura Burigana, Armando De Guio, Ivana Angelini, Cinzia Bettineschi, Gianmario Molin, Giuseppe Salemi, Paola Zanovello

Forgotten treasures: a journey (re)discovering the amulets of the Kerma Culture in the storerooms of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and in the Sudan National Museum of Khartoum Elena D’Itria

Tahai’s Secret: a Closer Look at the Coffin Ensemble of Lady Tahai from the ‘Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig’ in Switzerland Charlotte Hunkeler

Three’s a Crowd: the Possibility of Polygyny in New Kingdom Thebes Ellen Jones

‘They were like lions roaring upon the mountain-crests’: Soundscapes of war in New Kingdom Egypt Uroš Matić

The curious case of priest Iufaa. Preliminary remarks on texts on the inner side of the outer sarcophagus Diana Míčková

One More for the Road: Beer, Sacrifice and Commemoration in Ancient Nubian Burials of the Classic Kerma Period Elizabeth Minor

Old Kingdom sarcophagi – The Abusir corpus Věra Nováková

Coffin Text spell 246: A description of the moon in conjunction with the sun Gyula Priskin 13-18 19-32 33-45 46-53 54-70 71-87 88-102 103-115 116-125 126-138 139-160 161-171 2 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Macro-lithic tools and cupules in the Gash Delta (Eastern Sudan): a preliminary study Francesco Michele Rega

Stone architectural elements of the monastery at Manqabad and their typological classification Anna Salsano

The monumental tombs of the Asasif from the 25th-26th dynasties, between «cultural archive» and place of worship Valeria Tappeti

Glazed terracotta decorations from the palace of Natakamani (B1500) at Napata: a typological and iconographical analysis. Italian Archaeological Mission in Sudan at Jebel Barkal (Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice) Salvatore Taurino

Egyptian metrics: a morphological approach


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