THE ROCKS REVEAL: Explorations Old and New The Location of the Tomb of Amenhotep I: A Reconsideration. DanielPolz
Who Was the First King in the Valley of the Kings?. Claude Vandersleyen
The Re-clearance of Tombs WV 22 and WV A in the Western Valley of the Kings. Jiro Kondo
Theodore Davis and the Rediscovery of Tomb 55. Lyla Pinch Brock
The Clearance of the Tomb of Ramesses VII. Edwin C. Brock
TREASURES OF DARKNESS: Art and Artifacts Studies on the Decoration of the Tomb of Seti I. Erik Hornung
Symbolic Orientation and Alignment in New Kingdom Royal Tombs. Richard H. Wilkinson
Gates to the Underworld: The Appearance of Wooden Doors in the Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Catharine H. Roehrig
Evidence of the Alterations to the Canopic Jar Portraits and Coffin Mask from KV 55. Earl L. Ertman

A FRAGILE HERITAGE: Restoration and Conservation The Work of the Theban Mapping Project and the Protection of the Valley of the Kings. Kent R. Weeks
Deterioration of the Royal Tombs. Garniss H. Curtis
Tentative Tomb Protection Priorities, Valley of the Kings, Egypt. John Rutheiford and Donald P. Ryan
Further Observations Concerning the Valley of the Kings. Donald P. Ryan
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Acceso: Valley of the Sun Kings new explorations in the tombs of the pharaohs: Papers from the University of Arizona International Conference on the Valley of the Kings