Interesante catálogo completamente ilustrado con ensayos, descripciones y comentarios que acompañó a la exposición Picturing the Past: Imaging and Imagining the Ancient Middle East en el Instituto Oriental de Chicago. Pinturas, reconstrucciones arquitectónicas, facsímiles, maquetas, fotografías, reconstrucciones realzadas por ordenador y mucho más.

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Table of Contents Foreword Acknowledgments List of Contributors Map of the Middle East

  1. Introduction. Jack Green
  2. The Oriental Institute and Early Documentation in the Nile Valley. Emily Teeter
  3. The Epigraphic Survey and the “Chicago Method.” W. Raymond Johnson
  4. The Sakkarah Expedition. Ann Macy Roth
  5. Photography and Documentation of the Middle East. Emily Teeter
  6. The Oriental Institute Photographic Archives. John A. Larson
  7. Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images. Scott Branting, Elise MacArthur, and Susan Penacho
  8. Facsimiles of Ancient Egyptian Paintings: The Work of Nina de Garis Davies, Amice Calverley, and Myrtle Broome. Nigel Strudwick
  9. Preserving the Past in Plaster. William H. Peck
  10. Drawing Reconstruction Images of Ancient Sites. Jean-Claude Golvin
  11. The Persepolis Paintings of Joseph Lindon Smith. Dennis O’Connor
  12. Three-Dimensional Digital Forensic Facial Reconstruction: The Case of Mummy Meresamun. Joshua Harker
  13. A Brief History of Virtual Heritage. Donald H. Sanders

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  • Picturing the Past: Imaging and Imagining the Ancient Middle East
  • Edited by Jack Green, Emily Teeter, and John A. Larson
  • Oriental Institute Museum Publications 34
  • Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2012
  • ISBN-10: 1-885923-89-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-885923-89-9
  • Pp. 184; 168 illustrations
  • $29.95

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