El Museo Booklyn ha puesto a disposición del público una buena cantidad de publicaciones Online .

Algunos de los títulos colgados:

  • Predynastic and archaic Egypt in the Brooklyn Museum / by Winifred Needler.  Brooklyn Museum. Needler, Winifred. Churcher, C. S., 1928- ( 1984)
  • Egyptian art in the Brooklyn Museum collection.  Brooklyn Museum.  (1952 )
  • Ancient Egyptian glass and glazes in the Brooklyn Museum / Elizabeth Riefstahl. Brooklyn Museum. Dept. of Ancient Art. Riefstahl, Elizabeth.  (1968 )
  • Five years of collecting Egyptian art, 1951-1956 : catalogue of an exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum, 11 December, 1956 to 17 March, 1957.  Brooklyn Museum.  ( 1956 )
  • Brief guide to the Department of Ancient Art. Brooklyn Museum. Dept. of Ancient Art.  (1970 )
  •  Late Egyptian and Coptic art, an introduction to the collections in the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Museum. Cooney, John Ducey.  (1943)
  •  The Pomerance collection of ancient art. [Catalog of an exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum, June 14 to October 2, 1966. Brooklyn Museum. Pomerance, Leon.  (1966)
  • Toilet articles from ancient Egypt, from the Charles Edwin Wilbour Memorial Collection and the Collection of the New York Historical Society in the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Museum. Riefstahl, Elizabeth. Wilbour, Charles Edwin. (1943)
  • Patterned textiles in pharaonic Egypt, by Elizabeth Riefstahl.  Riefstahl, Elizabeth. Brooklyn Museum.  (1944 )
  • Africa in antiquity : the arts of ancient Nubia and the Sudan.  Wenig, Steffen. Brooklyn Museum  (1978)
  • Glass and glazes from ancient Egypt.  Brooklyn Museum. Riefstahl, Elizabeth. (1948)
  • Travels in Egypt (December 1880 to May 1891) : letters of Charles Edwin Wilbour / edited by Jean Capart. Wilbour, Charles E. 1833-1896. Capart, Jean. Brooklyn Museum. (1936)
  • Amarna reliefs from Hermopolis in American collections [by] John D. Cooney. Mainz a. Rh., v. Zabern (1965). Cooney, John Ducey. Brooklyn Museum of Arts and Sciences. Dept. of Ancient Art. (1965 )
  •  Catalogue of the Egyptological library and other books from the collection of the late Charles Edwin Wilbour, Brooklyn Museum. Cook, William Burt, 1875- Wilbour, Charles E. 1833-1896. (1924)

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