Disponible Online el número 7 del Journal y el 9 del Magazine (diciembre 2013).


Journal, Edition 7

Vernacular Voices II: Ptolemaios, Phatres and Eireneis – Three Romano-Egyptians in Wadi Qash.  By Janet Robinson.

The Origin and Early Development of the Smiting Scene. By Francis Lankester.


Magazine, Edition 9

The Significance of the Crossed-Arm Pose, Part 2: Osiris, The Osiris and the Osirides. By Dylan Bickerstaffe

Marianne Brocklehurst and the West Park Museum – Part 2. By Andrea Byrnes


In Brief

Egyptologically Speaking: An Interview with Dr Christine Lilyquist, By Barbara O’Neill.


Book Reviews

We have also reviews of two very different books:  Wadi Sura: The Cave of Beasts, edited by Dr Rudolph Kuper (about the rock art of the Gilf Kebir in the Western Desert) and Ancient Egypt Investigated: 101 Important Questions and Intriguing Answers by Professor Thomas Schneider.


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