nº 23, junio 2016


“Fill my hand with a papyrus sheet so that I can tell you a lot!” A papyrus bundle for Bridget Leach, Ilona Regulski

Ensuring immutability: Islamic amulets from Kulubnarti, Sudan Julie R. Anderson

A Coptic Jigsaw Puzzle – Conservation of a group of Papyri Vania Assis

Restoration of carbonised papyri, Sophie-Elisabeth Breternitz

The Tomb of the Ramesseum Papyri in the Newberry Papers, The Griffith Institute Oxford Melissa Downing and Richard B. Parkinson

Glass corrosion – the cause of the white/grey precipitation on the insides of papyrus glass frames Jörg Graf

Reading papyrus as writing material, Myriam Krutzsch

Three Papyri: Two Frames, Cary J. Martin

Researches on papyrus mounting with Japanese paper inlay, Eve Menei

One last frame of Middle Kingdom fragments, Stephen Quirke

Preliminary findings on the roll formation of the Greenfield Papyrus, Helen Sharp

The Amduat papyrus of Panebmontu, John H. Taylor

What the Butler Saw, Patricia Usick

Acceso: https://www.britishmuseum.org/research/publications/online_journals/bmsaes/issue_23.aspx